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Queen Chocolate + Reishi + Clutch

Queen Chocolate + Reishi + Clutch

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Queen Chocolate  + Reishi + Clutch Gift Bundle comes with Volcano Mushrooms Queen Reishi Tincture accompanied by an intentionally selected chocolate made at origin by the cacao farmers themselves based here in the Hawaiian Islands. We nestle the chocolate inside of this beautifully handmade woven lauhala clutch purse

This is the perfect simple gift for her, for him, for your friend, coworker, sister, daughter-in-law

This gift is customizable-

Choose your preferred organic artisan chocolate:
• Smooth Honey Chocolate
• Cacao Nib Honey Chocolate
• Macadamia Nut Honey Chocolate
• Coffee Honey Chocolate
• Milk Chocolate 51%
• Dark Chocolate 70%

Thank you for shopping and choosing to support our family owned and operated farm businesses based in the Hawaiian Islands. 

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