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Double Chocolate Heaven

Double Chocolate Heaven

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Double Chocolate includes two full size 2 ounce chocolate bars grown and made exclusively on the Big Island, Hawaii.

With each bite, imagine yourself transported to the misty lands of chocolate, cacao trees immersed in luscious green jungle, rugged black lava dotted with native red blooming ohia trees (Metrosideros polymorpha) and tall hapu'u tree ferns (Cibotium splendens).  The rains cycle through to nourish the cacao trees to grow healthy pods to be transformed and made into chocolate. Unlike most of the world, these chocolates are created at origin (Big Island) by the farmers themselves. 

These bars are great gifts for chocolate connoisseurs, or to share with your favorite chocoholic at a concert or for you when you need a moment to yourself to just be.

Choose from:

  • Smooth Honey Chocolate
  • Cacao Nib Honey Chocolate
  • Macadamia Nut Honey Chocolate
  • Coffee Honey Chocolate
  • Hot Hawaiian Chilli Pepper with Kona Sea Salt
  • Milk Chocolate 51%
  • Dark Chocolate 70%
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